Our unit staff are all volunteers. They do not get paid for their hard work. We would like to thank all our staff for the time, energy and effort they contribute to our Young Marine Family. If you would like to volunteer your time to the Young Marines please e-mail the Unit Commander Curtis “Gunny” Matthews.

Higher Headquarters

NED National Executive Director Bill Davis 800-717-0060 Ext 206
NDD National Deputy Director Wilson Lee 800-717-0060 Ext 207
DDR Deputy Director West DDR Officer Joe Lusignan 800-717-0060 Ext 209
DC Division 6 Commander Leigh Dick E-mail
RC NW Regiment Commander Nona Mallicoat E-mail
BC 1st Battalion of Oregon Commander Keith Trahern E-mail

Unit Command Staff

UC Unit Commander Curtis “Gunny” Matthews E-mail
XO Executive Officer Michael Hoff EMAIL
ADJ Adjutant Michael Harding Jr. E-mail
TO Training Officer/Fundraiser Position open

Strengthening the Lives of Americas Youth