Quick Answer: Don Adams Marine Corps?

Was Don Adams in the military?

During World War II, he joined the United States Marine Corps. Adams participated in the Battle of Guadalcanal in 1942 in the Pacific Theater of Operations. His combat service was short-lived as Adams contracted blackwater fever, a serious complication of malaria, known for a 90% rate of fatality.

What did Don Adams died of?

Adams was born Donald James Yarmy in New York – he later claimed to have changed his name from Yarmy to Adams, the maiden name of his first wife, because those called at auditions usually went in alphabetical order.

How old is Don Adams?

He was 82. Adams died of a lung infection late Sunday at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center, his friend and former agent Bruce Tufeld said Monday, adding that the actor broke his hip a year ago and had been in ill health since.

How old is Maxwell Smart?

He was 82. The cause was a lung infection, his friend and former agent Bruce Tufeld said, according to The Associated Press. Mr. Tufeld said that Mr.

Who was the star of Get Smart?

Don Adams — star of 1960s ‘Get Smart’ — dies at 82 LOS ANGELES — Don Adams, the Emmy Award-winning comic actor who played bumbling secret agent Maxwell Smart on the hit 1960s spy-spoof series Get Smart, has died.

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Why did Get Smart end?

The big change in the Smart’s relationship was 99’s pregnancy, announced in the season opener. She gave birth to twins (never named) during the November sweeps period. Despite that ratings grabber, the show’s ratings decline continued and CBS cancelled the show after one year.

How old is Get Smart?

The series was broadcast on NBC-TV from September 18, 1965, to September 13, 1969, after which it moved to the CBS network for its final season, running from September 26, 1969, to September 11, 1970, with 138 total episodes produced. During its five-season run, Get Smart broke the Nielsen Top 30 twice.

How tall is Don Adams?

Don Adams, the wry-voiced comedian who starred as bumbling secret agent Maxwell Smart in the 1960s TV spoof of James Bond movies, “Get Smart,” has died. He was 82. Adams’ friend and former agent, Bruce Tufeld, says the actor died of a lung infection Sunday at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center.

What happen to Don Adams?

Don Adams died on September 25, 2006 from lymphoma and a lung infection at the age of 82.

What did control stand for in Get Smart?

Edit. What do CONTROL and KAOS stand for? CONTROL is a secret, but inept, U.S. government spy agency based in Washington, D.C.. that does battle against its equally inept nemesis known as KAOS (or sometimes CHAOS). Despite being capitalized, CONTROL and KAOS are not acronyms and do not stand for anything.

What was 99’s name in Get Smart?

Agent 99’s real name is never revealed, not even when she marries Max, after which was is occasionally referred to as Mrs. Smart. In one episode, her name was said to be Susan Hilton.

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