Question: How To Become A Combat Engineer In The Marine Corps?

How do you become a combat engineer in the Marines?

The first step after basic training (otherwise known as boot camp) is to complete the Basic Combat Engineer course, Marine Corps Engineer School, Camp Lejeune, North Carolina. If you hold the rank of gunnery sergeant, you may also need to complete the Engineer Operations Chief course.

Does the Marine Corps have combat engineers?

A Marine Combat Engineer is the unsung hero of the military branch. They maintain buildings, roads, and power supplies for the Marine Corps. However, the job role is also considered dangerous as Engineers may face combat while making repairs or additions.

How much do USMC combat engineers make?

How much does a Combat Engineer make at U.S. Marine Corps in the United States? Average U.S. Marine Corps Combat Engineer yearly pay in the United States is approximately $39,038, which meets the national average.

What Mos is combat engineer USMC?

Marine Corps COOL Summary – MOS 1371 Combat Engineer.

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Where do most Marine combat engineers get stationed?

5 Marine Corps Bases You’re Most Likely To Get Stationed At

  • Marine Corps Base Camp Lejeune. Photo from the official Camp Lejeune facebook page.
  • Marine Corps Base Camp Pendleton. Photo from the official Camp Pendleton facebook page.
  • Marine Corps Base Hawaii. Photo by Sgt.
  • Marine Corps Base Okinawa.
  • Marine Corps Base Quantico.

What does a Marine combat engineer officer do?

Combat Engineer Officer Combat Engineers command engineer units comprised of Marines in various MOSs whose duties include: repair, maintenance and operation of heavy equipment, engineer reconnaissance, obstacle system emplacement, and breaching operations.

What is the life expectancy of a combat engineer?

During WWII the Life expectancy of a combat engineer was 32 seconds in a combat environment. During Vietnam it was around ten seconds. Today, with all the advances in technology and the body armor we wear, it is somewhere around 6 months, but I’ve passed that twice over now.

Are combat engineers infantry?

A Combat Engineer (Sapper tabbed) are front-line infantry support troops that “Clear the Way.” They are trained as infantrymen, and some combat engineering units have a secondary role as infantry as well.

What is the job of a Combat Engineer?

Job Overview As a Combat Engineer, you’ll work quickly and skillfully to help Soldiers navigate while on combat missions by constructing bridges, clearing barriers with explosives, and detecting and avoiding mines and other environmental hazards.

What is combat support in the Marines?

Combat Service Support (CSS), known in the Marine Corps as the Logistics Combat Element (LCE), is responsible for providing direct logistical support to GCE units and general logistical support throughout the MAGTF.

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What military job has the highest death rate?

The Marine Corps experienced the highest fatality rates per 100,000 for all causes (122.5), unintentional injury (77.1), suicide (14.0), and homicide (7.4) of all the services. The Army had the highest disease and illness-related fatality rate (20.2 per 100,000) of all the services.

What rank is a combat engineer?

Sapper 05 is the basic level, Sapper 06 is the general level, Sapper 08 is the combat engineer commander’s level, and Sapper 11 is the combat engineer officer level.

How many MOS are in the Marines?

Below you will find a complete Marine Corps MOS list for all 123 enlisted careers available, including a brief description of the MOS job responsibilities, and corresponding ASVAB line score.

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