FAQ: Where Is The Marine Corps Memorial Located?

Where is the Marine Corps monument?

The Marine Corps War Memorial depicts the raising of the American flag at Mount Suribachi on 23 February 1945 by U.S. Marines in World War II during the Battle of Iwo Jima. The monument is located in Arlington, Virginia on a 7½-acre tract of land managed by the Department of the Interior.

Where is the Iwo Jima flag raising statue?

The entire memorial is about 78 feet tall. Granite for the base came from Sweden. The names and dates of every principal Marine Corps engagement since the founding of the Corps form a gold ring around the base.

When was the US Marine Corps War memorial built?

U.S. casualties totaled about 28,000, including about 6,800 killed. Iwo Jima and the other Volcano Islands were administered by the United States from 1945 until they were returned to Japan in 1968.

Is the Marine Corps War Memorial Open?

The memorial grounds are open year-round from 6 am until midnight. The US Marine Corps War Memorial is in Virginia near Arlington National Cemetery.

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Is there a marine cemetery on Iwo Jima?

After his death on February 27, 1945, Medal of Honor recipient and Bibb County native Ross Franklin Gray was buried in the Fourth Marine Division Cemetery on Iwo Jima, Japan.

Is there a memorial at Iwo Jima?

The United States Marine Corps War Memorial (Iwo Jima Memorial) is a national memorial located in Arlington County, Virginia, in the United States. The memorial was dedicated in 1954 to all Marines who have given their lives in defense of the United States since 1775.

What is the US Marine Corps War Memorial made of?

This assemblage sits on top of a base 10 feet (3 metres) high and weighing 700 tons that is made of concrete faced with granite. Inscribed in the granite are the names and dates of the principal Marine engagements since the founding of the Corps and a quotation from Fleet Adm.

What does Iwo Jima stand for?

The U.S. flag flies during World War II on Mount Suribachi on Iwo Jima, or Iwo To, as the island has now officially been renamed by Japan. Meaning “Sulfur Island”, the small volcanic island’s name was changed in 1944, ahead of the U.S. invasion, when civilians were evacuated.

How does Iwo Jima represent the United States?

The Iwo Jima Monument located in South Texas and the U.S. Marine Corps War Memorial in Arlington,Va., have symbolized American honor, courage and commitment for almost 70 years. “The monument means a lot more than the raising of a flag. It represents the pride and the importance of standing by your country,” he said.

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Who made the Marine Corps?

Foundation and American Revolutionary War The United States Marine Corps traces its roots to the Continental Marines of the American Revolutionary War, formed by Captain Samuel Nicholas by a resolution of the Second Continental Congress on 10 November 1775, to raise two battalions of Marines.

Who are the people in the Iwo Jima Memorial?


  • Sgt Michael Strank, USMC. Nov. 10, 1919 – March 1, 1945.
  • Cpl Harlon Block, USMC. Nov 6, 1924 – Mar. 1, 1945.
  • PFC Harold Keller, USMC. Aug 3, 1921 – Mar. 13, 1979.
  • PFC Ira Hayes, USMC. Jan. 12, 1923 – Jan. 24, 1955.
  • PFC Harold Schultz, USMC. Jan. 28, 1926 – May 16, 1995.
  • PFC Franklin R. Sousley, USMC. Sept.

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