FAQ: How Long Is Marine Corps Infantry School?

Do Marines get their phones during SOI?

Can Marines have their phones at SOI? Marines spend the majority of their time at SOI in the field and without direct access to cell phones. Therefore, phones are not forbidden yet the use of them is rare.

Is Soi harder than boot camp?

They are however alot harder than boot camp. Dont fall out, or else you will have to re do the hike with the 1stSgt on Saturday or whatever. As time goes on, you will get more and more familiar with your instructors who probably have years of combat experience, so absorb as much as you can.

Where do Marines go after school of infantry?

After graduation from SOI, Infantry Marines will be assigned to their PDS, or Permanent Duty Station. The PDS will be one of several locations. The location will NOT be related to where your Marine attended ITB. Neither you nor your Marine will know which PDS will be assigned until your Marine receives official orders.

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Do Marines get weekends off?

Marines work on weekends and Holiday. No holidays.

Where do most Marines get stationed?

Many new Marines will land at Camp Pendleton or Camp Lejeune, the two biggest Marine Corps Bases. These bases, along with Okinawa and Hawaii, have vast landscapes necessary for training purposes.

What happens when you finish Marine boot camp?

After boot camp, there is a graduation ceremony open to visitors. There are a couple of days leading up to the graduation ceremony where new Marines have the opportunity to spend time with their family. Once graduation is over, Marines may take ten days of leave with one travel day.

Is Marine Infantry School Hard?

Infantry training is tough You probably expected as much. But, let’s get this out of the way now: it’s tough but it’s not as tough as you’ll think it is. There are going to be lots of challenges but remember that the goal is to mentally and physically prepare you for being a professional war fighter.

Do Marines get leave after SOI?

The next phase of training after boot camp is SOI, or School of Infantry. Your new Marine is entitled to one day of travel and ten days leave after recruit training.

What does a marine do in the infantry?

A marine infantry invades the enemy territory and seizes an enemy territory through the sea; they operate on land, sea and air. Their work also involves closing in on and defeating enemy combatants. The marine infantry is also known as the United States Marine Corps. Their job is expeditionary.

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How often do Marines get deployed?

The majority of Marine Corps deployments include approximately one year of training followed by six to seven months of actual deployment time. However, a significant number of Marine Corps deployments may be scheduled for one year or more.

Do Marines go to school for infantry?

All graduates of Marine Corps recruit training attend the School of Infantry (SOI). All non-infantry Marines attend training at Marine Combat Training Battalion (MCT), while infantry Marines (all Marines with a Military Occupational Specialty (MOS) of 03xx) attend training at Infantry Training Battalion (ITB).

How many days leave do Marines get?

As part of the military pay and benefits package, military service members earn 30 days of paid leave per year. You start at zero and for every month of military service, 2.5 days of leave get added to your leave account.

How many hours do Marines work a day?

Eight hours a day unless on deployment.

How much free time do Marines get?

The Marine Corps Recruit Training Regulation requires the DIs to give you one hour of uninterrupted, free time each evening, beginning on the first training day, while in garrison (i.e., not out in the field), Monday through Saturday, and four hours on Sundays and holidays while in garrison.

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