How old are Young Marines?

The Young Marines accept young men and women from the age 8 to 18.

How Much does it cost?

$250 for the first year and $50 a year for renewal.

What is supplied by the unit?

Physical Training uniform (gray Sweat suit, Black Unit Shorts, gray t-shirt), Red national t-shirt, green unit t-shirt, Cammie uniform, boots, gear bag and camelback. Note: Parents are responsible for putting recruit’s last name on front and  back of sweat shirt and gray t-shirt.

How long is training camp?

Training camp is 26 hours long. Saturdays from 0845-1500

I paid my dues. Is my child automatically a Young Marine?

No. As in the Marine Corps a recruit must pass qualifications to earn the title of Young Marine. This includes 3 parts: physical fitness test, written test and oral test.

How many absences are allowed during training camp?

Recruits are allowed 2 excused absences during training camp. Recruits must call ahead and explain absence. More than 2 absences may disqualify recruits from graduating.

What happens after training camp?

Recruits will have earned the title of Young Marine. They will join the rest of the unit on regular training days and participate in fun and challenging Young Marine activities.  Parades, Encampments, and more!