The Official Mission of the Young Marines Organization

  • To promote the mental, moral, and physical development of its members.
  • To install in its members the ideals of honesty, fairness, courage, respect, loyalty, dependability, attention to duty, love of God, and fidelity to our country and its institutions.
  • To stimulate an interest in, and respect for, academic achievement and the history and traditions of the United States of America.
  • To promote physical fitness through the conduct of physical activities, including participation in athletic events and close order drill.
  • To advocate a drug-free lifestyle through a continual drug prevention education program.

What we ARE…

The Young Marines is the official youth program of the Marine Corps League. Founded in 1958 to promote the mental, moral and physical development of young Americans, the Young Marines offer a variety of activities specifically designed to develop greater self-esteem, discipline and self-confidence in its members.

Character building is the cornerstone of the Young Marine program, and all of its activities emphasize the importance of honesty, courage, respect, loyalty, dependability, and a sense of devotion to God, country, community and family.

Physical Fitness, a healthy lifestyle, and respect for one’s body are important tenets of the Young Marines. The Young Marines are committed to prevent obesity and encourage a strong, healthy community.

Being the official Drug Demand Reduction program of the US Marine Corps, Young Marines make a pledge to maintain a drug free lifestyle and are encouraged to influence family, friends, and schoolmates to share this commitment. Drug education and prevention classes are an integral part of the Young Marine education and training program. These classes are frequently conducted by qualified agents from the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration.


What we are NOT…

  • A Program for troubled youth. The structure and culture of the program are not suitable for troubled youth.
  • A babysitting service. Parents should show interest in the Young Marines and are required to volunteer ten hours a year.
  • A recruiting program for the Marine Corps or any other military branch. Although active duty, reserve and retired former Marines account for the majority of the staff structure, Young Marines are not bound by any form to enlist.

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